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This book gives answers to questions that never occurred to you. For all your life you've considered yourself a free person, but in fact, you are the same slave who considers himself free from shackles, because you, like millions of other people over the centuries, have been made to think so. Religion, history, biology, and medicine hide the greatest lies of our civilization. The world around us is nothing more than a concentration camp, and the wardens are hiding where you would never think to look for them. It is time to know the truth and set yourself free finally. Once and for all.
Формат книги: электронная книга в pdf
Цена: 10$
ВНИМАНИЕ: приобретенная вами книга после оплаты будет сразу доступна для скачивания. Все вопросы по поводу оплаты или получения приобретенной книги присылайте только на емейл