The self-help hell or encyclopedia of schizoterica

The self-help hell or encyclopedia of schizotericA

The Self-Help Hell or Encyclopedia of Schizoterica is a book that exposes systems of false self-development: from positive thinking and the law of attraction to syncretic quasi-religious currents.

The word “schizoterica” (a mix of schizophrenia and esotericism) was invented by the author of this book, millionaire and philanthropist Paul Healingod. He presents compelling evidence that affifirmations, meditations, and other popular methods of gaining spiritual and material wealth lead to serious mental problems, up to and including schizophrenia.

Paul Healingod himself suffered from schizoterica for many years, but managed to break free from its vicious cycle. Having become a millionaire, he developed a clear step-by-step system to heal positivists even at terminal stages. This system helps to look soberly at the world, see new opportunities, and start earning from $10,000 a month.

Here's what you'll discover in the pages of my book:

This book provides answers to hundreds of questions. The most important of them include «How can you detect schizoteria in its early stages?», «How can it be healed without leaving mental scars?» and «What steps should you take to ensure the disease never returns?»

I have personally been through all the circles of schizoteric hell and not only returned to a normal life but also became a millionaire.

Below is just a brief overview of what you will learn from reading the «Encyclopedia of Schizoterica»:


Trap of positive thinking. In this chapter, you will discover how healthy optimism turns into dangerous fantasies. You’ll learn why ostriches don’t fly and recognize the signs that the trap of positive thinking is about to snap shut. Read carefully so as not to be trapped yourself!

Schizotheria through the eyes of a psychiatrist. Schizoteric = schizophrenia + esoteric. Think it’s just a creative exaggeration? Think again! Dive into this chapter to uncover psychiatric diagnoses that lurk behind excessive positivity. The chapter is co-authored with a candidate of medical sciences.

Confession of a schizoteric. No one despises this disease more than someone who endured all levels of schizoteric hell. In this chapter, learn about the dramatic and sometimes unbelievable story of Pavel Dmitriev, a schizoteric who managed to heal and become a millionaire

Entropy, stories and the world map. Everything in the universe tends to disappear, but living means resisting this fundamental law. Explore this chapter to stop worrying and embrace discomfort, and to gain a new understanding of the history of geography—far removed from any classroom lesson.

Schizoterics are among us. How can you tell if a loved one is sinking into a positive quagmire before it’s too late? What distinguishes the 11 main types of schizoterics, and why are the most deceitful among them considered masters of deceptive enlightenment? Discover the answers to these and many other intriguing questions in this chapter.

Everyone is at risk. Read this chapter and learn how to accurately diagnose schizoteria even in its early stages. Understand which groups of people who are most susceptible to positive intoxication and why all schizoteric paths lead to Bali.

Deepest beliefs of a schizoteric person. What do demonic masochism, an incident of free will, karma and rose-colored glasses have in common? They all contribute to the toxic mix that poisons the life of a schizoteric person. Read this chapter to find out exactly how the desire to live is transformed into a subconscious desire to die.


Cognitive dissonance. This chapter introduces one of the most powerful tools in combating schizoteria early on. If you spot symptoms of this devastating illness in someone close, you’ll know precisely what actions to take. The sooner treatment is started, the greater the chances of a successful return to reality!

Esoteric homelessness. Believing you’re attracting vast wealth, pushing away loved ones, and ultimately losing everything—this is the unfortunate fate of many schizoterics. Read this chapter to find out how to avoid becoming an esoteric homeless person, and what to do if a loved one is already going downhill.

Imposter syndrome. Even Albert Einstein wasn’t immune to this issue. Imagine the impact on those with more apparent reasons for self-doubt. Read this chapter and you will see how the life of a schizoteric impostor turns into a living hell. You will also learn how to manage this destructive syndrome effectively.

Money in schizoteric reality. Money is both coveted and despised; people try to please it or scorn it. Schizoterics often swing from one financial extreme to another because they don’t understand how money truly works or its purpose. Read this chapter to learn from their financial errors.

Karma of poverty. Why do some succeed financially while others not? The answer lies in the infoviruses in the subconscious. This chapter explores the nine most dangerous mindsets that prevent you from making decent money. Identify and eliminate these. After all, each of these infoviruses makes you more vulnerable to schizoteria.

Schizoteric pseudo-business. To those infected, wealth seems just within reach. Have you also had such thoughts? Then read this chapter to understand the pitfalls of Forex, MLMs, and investment funds, which are painfully reminiscent of financial pyramids.

Routes of infection. Schizoteria doesn’t just appear out of nowhere; it’s a mental virus transmitted from one person to another. A mask won’t stop it. Read this chapter to learn about the mechanisms of schizoteria transmission and discover effective strategies to protect yourself from this mental ailment.

Childhood psychotrauma. All problems stem from childhood, right? Not really. Some are instilled even before birth. Do you want to know how not to ruin your child’s life before they are born? Interested in raising them to avoid becoming mentally impaired? Then read this chapter.


Surroundings of a schizoteric person. Tell me who your friend is and I will tell you who you are. Schizoterics often lack genuine friendships. But it’s the close ones who can either help them recovery or push them deeper into the abyss. Discover in this chapter how to interact with a schizoteric person and why you shouldn’t feel jealous if they decide to move oversea.

Mental metastases. The journey from seemingly harmless positive thinking to poverty, complete loss of self and schizophrenia is not a single step, but a series of them—and schizoterics are all too eager to hasten this progression. Read this chapter to understand how terminal stage schizoteria devastates both the infected person and their loved ones.

The path to freedom. There is a way out of schizoterism, but it is never an easy walk. After all, the most dangerous drug is not heroin, it’s illusions. Schizoterics undergo severe withdrawals. Read this chapter to learn about the real cost of life and what you should never do during rehabilitation.

Business on schizoterics. Given that a significant portion of the global population is affected, you’ll inevitably interact with schizoterics—whether hiring, selling to, or sometimes obeying them. This chapter provides insights on how to profitably engage with schizoterics helping them at the same time.

Schizoteric millionaire. Curious about how Pavel Dmitriev made his first million? This chapter delves into practical techniques and secrets not covered in typical motivational or business trainings.

Bright future. Is there life after schizoterica? What does it look like? Will the complications haunt you for the rest of your life? Read this chapter to discover the answers to these questions

Tools for identifying the truth. Separating the wheat from the chaff, the truth from sticky lies, and the good from the bad is not as straightforward as it seems. This chapter outlines tools that will help you make mistakes less frequently. Read and adopt!

Mental contraception. Relapse of schizoterica is possible—and unfortunately, likely—if preventive measures aren’t taken. Learn in this chapter how to behave post-healing, how to fill the void, and why you must always stay vigilant.

Method of Pavel Dmitriev. The author has developed a unique step-by-step method that helps to get out of schizoterica without withdrawal symptoms and prevent future relapse. Read this chapter to learn more. Besides, check out the bonuses: a schizoteric glossary and a 3-week course designed to bring clarity to your mind.

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The training “How I Made Millions by Helping People” is your first, but not the only step towards overcoming schizoterica on your path to self-realization, health, freedom and wealth. Having made it, you will want to continue advancing toward prosperity and harmony. Be ready to put in a little effort. But rest assured your hard work will definitely pay off and your life will begin to transform.

Training Course Overview

Audio recordings of hypnosis sessions – these will help you at least partially overcome schizoteric delusions.

Exorcism and demons in your business and life – a series of videos revealing who really controls people’s lives.

Introduction to Hypno-Coaching – here, you will learn about Hypno-Coaching training and determine whether it is necessary for your salvation or not.

Recordings of webinars for Hypno-Coaching students – includes answers to students’ questions, practical case studies, and discussions on thinking, goals, and life.

Interviews with students – a series of interviews called “The Master’s Path,” featuring students who have overcome schizoterica and achieved tremendous success.

Introduction to Hypnotherapy – details hypnotherapy trainings available in New York and Miami.

Interview in a nursing home – unfortunately no one thinks how short life really is. These interviews will remind you of life’s brevity and encourage you to START TRULY LIVING.

Teacher-plants: Ayahuasca and Amanita Muscaria – explore amazing plants that help clear the mind of schizoteric viruses and elevate your life to a new level.

Schizoterica that kills – a series of webinars led by an expert who was once also rescued from schizoterica.

Therapeutic course “Poverty is a disease!” – in this course, I will explain, show, and prove that you suffer from a disease called POVERTY which is passed down through families and generations, and show you how to overcome it.


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While participating in the BONUS FREE TRAINING “How I Made Millions by Helping People”, you”ll have the opportunity to download the book “Encyclopedia of Schizoterica” for FREE

While participating in the BONUS FREE TRAINING “How I Made Millions by Helping People”, you”ll have the opportunity to download the book “Encyclopedia of Schizoterica” for FREE