Why so poor?

Why so poor?

Every day, we pose hundreds of questions: some trivial, others vitally important. We always seek comprehensive answers. Yet, there’s one question we dread to ask, not just of others but of ourselves; and this is because an honest answer might shatter our fragile reality. That question is: “If I am so smart, why am I so poor?”

You think you have all the answers. You can advise politicians on resolving crises, guide officials on implementing reforms, and instruct the police on combating crime. But when it comes to the most basic task of all — making ends meet — you’re at a loss. This doesn’t seem to disturb most people; in their daydreams, they manage be both a prince and a pauper.

This book confronts the very question you are avoiding to ask: why am I so poor? Here you will find a guide on how to initiate transformative changes in your life to gain abundance and prosperity. It is brutally honest, straightforward, and uncompromising—much like its author. Paul Healingod has come a long way: from having 10 cents in his pocket to amassing a multimillion-dollar fortune. Now, he enjoys the ultimate luxury in this world: the freedom to speak the truth.



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