The secrets of a digital millionaire

The secrets of a digital millionaire

This book is penned by a self-made millionaire who came into his fortune from selling information products. It is meant for anyone eager to achieve tremendous success in the digital age, yet held back by numerous doubts and questions, such as:

How to launch an online business with zero upfront investment?
How to gain a wide audience in the shortest amount of time?
How to wisely manage a marketing budget?
 How to convince clients of your expertise?

You are holding the key that unlocks all these mysteries for you. The answers to these and hundreds of other questions await you in this book, along with proven strategies and effective.


Here's what you'll find in my book:

In my book «The Secrets of a Digital Millionaire,» I will share dozens of secrets that will help you profit and scale your online courses, coaching, consulting, software sales, and mentoring…

Here’s a brief overview of what you’ll discover in «The Secrets of a Digital Millionaire «:


Choosing Your Niche — Have you ever wondered how to pick a niche that you not only love but is also IMMENSELY profitable? After reading this chapter, you’ll never have to ponder this again. You can finally get to work.

How to Create a CLEAR Offer — The number one obstacle for potential clients is a lack of understanding of your offer! This chapter teaches you how to craft an offer that is not just crystal clear, but downright irresistible!

Your Entire Marketing Strategy in ONE SENTENCE — Imagine if you could summarize the value of your product in one sentence, and that sentence formed the basis of your entire marketing strategy. This will guide what you say in webinars, ads, emails, and all marketing or advertising efforts. This magical sentence can do it all, and in this chapter, I will show you how to leverage it!

The Promise — At the core of every great offer is a compelling promise. What will your students achieve after completing your program? This chapter explains how to forge a promise that is not only realistic but also powerfully persuasive.

The Plan — Planning the content for your offer is often the most challenging part. This chapter will introduce you to a process that lets you map out your entire program on a single sheet of paper…

How to Teach — You’re proficient at what you do, but how effectively can you teach it? Even if you’re not sure about your teaching skills, I’ll introduce you to my foolproof method for converting your expertise into content that makes your students exclaim, «I get it!» (This method works even if you’ve never taught anyone before).


Why You Should Always Sell First and Only Then Create — This chapter explains the importance of pre-selling your product before fully developing it. You’ll learn why only such an approach ensures the quality of your content and that your students will achieve results. Besides, it guarantees the demand for your offering which will save you weeks creating something that no one will buy.

How I Made $100,000 in 30 Days: A Brief Guide — I’ll take you through my first 30 days of business where I sold 100 copies of my program at $987 each. In this chapter, I detail every step without holding back.

Webinar on an Interactive Board — Imagine making your first sale without any marketing plan or extra costs. I’ll demonstrate how a whiteboard, a marker, and a smartphone can help you make your first sale and why these simple tools are a key to creating a scalable offer in the long run, even with high advertising costs.

Promise — A great offer is built on a strong promise. What will your students get after completing your training? This chapter shows how to craft promises that are not only realistic but will also drive massive sales.

The Power of Polarity — Discover how using polarity has significantly grown my brand. And don’t use it on the spur of the moment. This chapter reveals my specific system for leveraging polarity to boost sales and create viral buzz—this chapter could revolutionize your business.


How I Reached a Million Dollars — I lingered at five and six figures until one pivotal action catapulted my earnings. I’ll share this game-changing step and prepare to be astonished.

The Fence Method — This potent strategy is so effective, I debated whether to include it here or sell it separately for over $2,000. It could dramatically increase your sales overnight.

The Goldfish Rule — Learn the simple rule that allows me to spend millions on advertising profitably. It details why my emails make people read them and click on the embedded links, and why my videos capture they audience’s attention consistently. This rule will make you irresistible to your audience. Read this chapter twice.

How I Got Rich By Making My Product Exclusive and Expensive — Learn how elevating your product’s exclusivity and price can triple your profits while reducing refunds, chargebacks, and piracy. Be WARNED, this chapter might lead to significant wealth and happiness. Proceed with caution

The True Secret of Scaling — Discover is why all these tactics and strategies are useless if you can’t master this one principle. And why without it, most endeavors will either fail or stagnate. This is perhaps the most crucial secret shared in the book.


The Circle of Focus — Discover the powerful factor Steve Jobs, Warren Buffett, and Bill Gates attributed to their immense success—a secret that I also share. If you’re curious, dive into this chapter.

Battling Haters — If you’ve ever felt like an impostor or feared criticism for asserting your expertise, this chapter is a must-read. It literally saved my life relieving me from depression, fear and guilt. If you care about yourself, you will read this chapter and do it fast.

Why They Don’t They Make a Purchase — If you are actively trying to sell a product or service and people aren’t buying it, this chapter will really open your eyes to why this is happening. It’s not what you say, nor is it what you know you are doing. But after reading this chapter, you will learn how to get people to say YES.

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The training
is the first stage of the legendary
The training “HOW I MADE MILLIONS BY HELPING PEOPLE” is the first stage of the legendary “HYPNO-COACHING”

The training “How I Made Millions by Helping People” is your first, but not the only step towards overcoming schizoterica on your path to self-realization, health, freedom and wealth. Having made it, you will want to continue advancing toward prosperity and harmony. Be ready to put in a little effort. But rest assured your hard work will definitely pay off and your life will begin to transform.

Training Course Overview

Audio recordings of hypnosis sessions – these will help you at least partially overcome schizoteric delusions.

Exorcism and demons in your business and life – a series of videos revealing who really controls people’s lives.

Introduction to Hypno-Coaching – here, you will learn about Hypno-Coaching training and determine whether it is necessary for your salvation or not.

Recordings of webinars for Hypno-Coaching students – includes answers to students’ questions, practical case studies, and discussions on thinking, goals, and life.

Interviews with students – a series of interviews called “The Master’s Path,” featuring students who have overcome schizoterica and achieved tremendous success.

Introduction to Hypnotherapy – details hypnotherapy trainings available in New York and Miami.

Interview in a nursing home – unfortunately no one thinks how short life really is. These interviews will remind you of life’s brevity and encourage you to START TRULY LIVING.

Teacher-plants: Ayahuasca and Amanita Muscaria – explore amazing plants that help clear the mind of schizoteric viruses and elevate your life to a new level.

Schizoterica that kills – a series of webinars led by an expert who was once also rescued from schizoterica.

Therapeutic course “Poverty is a disease!” – in this course, I will explain, show, and prove that you suffer from a disease called POVERTY which is passed down through families and generations, and show you how to overcome it.


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