How to survive at the summit of wealth and not lose your mind

How to survive at the summit of wealth and not lose your mind

There are many books on how to earn your first million, but none that advises those who have reached their financial dream. Still many wealthy men face hundreds of complex questions, and finding the right answers is often more challenging than managing a major business.

The dilemmas confronted by the affluent are frequently dismissed as mere ‘problems of the rich,’ yet they represent a profound existential crisis. Men who have achieved everything conceivable frequently find themselves uncertain of their purpose and life direction. Multimillionaire Paul Healingod offers clear answers to these and many other critical questions.

This book is a unique guide for those who seek meaningful direction when they reach the summit of wealth. This comprehensive and insightful manual directs such men towards self-discovery and internal harmony, and for this reason is fittingly dubbed by Paul Healingod as A Billionaire’s Survival Guide.



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This book is not for everyone! And for those who have already earned their $1,000,000. I will give you this book only after personal communication with me.»